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function get_style21683 () { return "none"; } function end21683_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21683').style.display = get_style21683(); } New site VidFall.com utilizes the creative possibilities of alternative e-commerce/entertainment shopping, more specifically, the price drop “auction,” to deliver discounts on items via ad delivery. Very much like price drop entertainment shopping sites we’ve seen in the past namely Sneakpeeq.com which is […] Read more


function get_style21344 () { return "none"; } function end21344_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21344').style.display = get_style21344(); } I haven’t seen many lowest-unique bid auction sites in awhile, so was pleasantly surprised to come across PSGive today. PsGive.org is an entertainment shopping site for good. PSGive combines lowest unique bid auctions, price reveal auctions and standard penny auctions and was […] Read more


function get_style21299 () { return "none"; } function end21299_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid21299').style.display = get_style21299(); } Zookt is a social entertainment shopping site a bit different than a penny auction, but in essence it seems to be based off of the same idea – purchase bid points and win. But there’s a twist. The twist: You […] Read more

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Do you like penny auctions? What about reveal auctions? ZooGrab.com has combined daily deals with penny auctions.

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Listia.com is an online auction based on a bartering platform where users can auction off their own, both used and new items to obtain credits to bid on other user’s items. Listia also sells bid credits.


Another one bites the dust. Dutch penny auction/entertainment shopping members-only fashion platform ToVieFor.com shuts down.”The root cause of this was a flawed business model. We were attempting to compete solely on price in a world where brands not only do not compete on price, they have essentially formed an oligopoly and set prices (vs take prices).”


function get_style15452 () { return "none"; } function end15452_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid15452').style.display = get_style15452(); } Have you sneakpeeq‘d yet?Not a penny auction, SneakPeeq.com once CircusPop (reveal auction) then Yazooli, is a fun entertainment shopping brand and facebook application that allows  users to “peeq” a featured item’s cost and then buy now if you like the price. […] Read more


function get_style14394 () { return "none"; } function end14394_ () { document.getElementById('epicycloid14394').style.display = get_style14394(); } Remember the deal that Amazon.com did with LivingSocial just a few months ago? It was big.  Today through Thursday, eBay is offering a deal on Groupon that we know those of you who shop on eBay might enjoy: $7 for $15 […] Read more