SneakPeeq Not a Penny Auction, but It’s Fun!

Have you sneakpeeq‘d yet?sneakpeeqNot a penny auction, once CircusPop (reveal auction) then Yazooli, is a fun entertainment shopping brand and facebook application that allows  users to “peeq” a featured item’s cost and then buy now if you like the price.

Powered by the group-buying concept, SneakPeeq’s items decrease in price by each user who peeqs. Once someone buys the item, the offer goes away. Peeq‘ing is free on sneakpeeq (10 free peeqs/ day), plus chances to invite friends for more peeqs and credits that can be applied  to purchasing items.

Think of sneakpeeq as a Facebook style pop-up shop, they have partnerships with more than 150 national and boutique brands. Past sales have featured items from Gucci, Lacoste, Kalorik, BB Dakota, Koolaburra, Kate Spade, Red Mango, Halston and more. Most, if not all of their items, are shipped for free.

Sneekpeeq launched last month at TechCrunch’s Disrupt and has raised at least $2.7 million in funding.

Today’s sales include: Jessica Kagan Cushman, Skinny, Ococoa Chocolates, Jessica Elliot and

Here are some  examples of the current deals (peeq’d for you):

Use promo code peeq25 for 25% off, I just did! 😉


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