iPennybid is Now BidVoo

Remember iPennybid? We received a legal threat, many negative comments from unhappy iPennyBid bidders and found out that iPennyBid required scans of bidders driver’s licenses. Now iPennyBid is gone and the offline message reads:

“Due to licensing reasons, iPennyBid.com is no longer available in your country. We will post more information when available.”

Licensing reasons? Please look at our past posts and read all of the comments we’ve received regarding iPennyBid.

We received a comment today from a reader who says it looks like the new penny auction site BidVoo.com which is scheduled to open in 2 weeks could possibly be iPennyBid:

“I am a victim of ipennybid. I found out about 2 or 3 times the same bidder bid 5 even 8,9 times continuously without any other bidder following. it bidded by himself. I think the autoprogam may go wrong. And please check out the site bidvoo.com, it’s exectly same as ipennybid (see FAQ). When you type bidvoo.com it comes ca.bidvoo.com (ca means Canada), but it’s located in Los Angeles. Another scam.”

bidvoo incipennybidofflineThe footer of BidVoo’s site tells us that BidVoo is a corporation “BidVoo, Inc.” They also list an unpublished cell phone number based in Los Angeles (323) 892-0860.  A quick business search on the California Secretary of State website for registered corporations shows that there are no matches for Bidvoo in their system.

Here’s the registrant information.

And the domain services for BidVoo & iPennyBid are the same, provided by Zentek International:

What is Zentek International?

“We are a fully Offshore Hosting Services Provider based in Hong Kong, the financial and telecommunications center of Asia, with the freest economy in the World (including very low level of government involvement in business activities, and very low level of restrictions, intervention, and regulation).”

Surely an invalid corporation based in the USA should have nothing to hide?

   Bidvoo, Inc.
   4365 Lincoln Blvd
   Marina del Rey
   Los Angeles, CA  90292

   Registrar: DOTSTER
   Domain Name: BIDVOO.COM
      Created on: 27-SEP-09
      Expires on: 28-SEP-10
      Last Updated on: 28-SEP-09

   Administrative, Technical Contact:
      Irwin, David  domain@bidvoo.com
      Bidvoo, Inc.
      4365 Lincoln Blvd
      Marina del Rey
      Los Angeles, CA  90292
      310-337-1465 It looks like Mr. "Irwin" uses the fax number for Atlas Rent a Car in Inglewood, CA.
      3103371467 And Apollo Courier of Inglewood, CA.
And does 4365 Lincoln Blvd. even exist?
bidvoo inc scam
It doesn't seem to, Lincoln Blvd is full of car lots and car rental companies:
penny auction fraud

Here’s why it looks like BidVoo is iPennyBid:

  • Both sites are currently offline.
  • Both use the Plimus payment gateway.
  • And they both have subdomains that redirect to your country: us.ipennybid.com, us.bidvoo.com,
  • Both have pages on “Responsible Bidding.”
  • And here’s the kicker: Both sites have very similar IP addresses and files are hosted on the same webhost company.

BidVoo’s source code links to SevernStream’s IP Address Whereas iPennyBid links to the same site by name:

ipennybid source 
ipennybid source

An IP search on selfseo.com shows that both penny auction websites have very similar IP addresses.
The IP address of www.bidvoo.com is
The IP address is assigned to  France
The IP address of www.ipennybid.com is
The IP address is assigned to  France

bidvoo ip addressbidvoo ip address

Here’s a screenshot of both BidVoo and iPennyBid from Google’s Cache:

bidvooscamcloneipennybid cache

The descriptions are also exactly the same:bidvoo scam

So there you have it iPennyBid had too many unhappy customers and decided to change its name to BidVoo. Don’t you find it odd that BidVoo shows ended auctions already yet they’re not even open yet?

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  • Harkirat S Virk October 9, 2009, 1:38 am

    here is an interesting addition…

    there is another site up called bidpax.com. I found it via facebook adds (strange?) never the less. i thought of trying it out and when i registered. the mail is as such.


    From : info@bidpax.com

    Thanks for registering on BidVoo.com

    Here is a quick summary of how it Works

    Unlike conventional auctions, members pay each time a bid is placed. This means the final selling price can be up to 99% off the recommended retail price.

    Each time a bid is placed, the price increases by 1 penny and the time extends by 10 seconds. The winner is the final bidder when the timer reaches 00:00:00.

    To start with, register on our website completely free of charge and take a look around. If you see an auction you'd like to participate on, simply load your account with "bids" by purchasing a bid package. A bid package will give you the right to start bidding on any of our auctions. Remember, you use these bids to participate on auctions on BidVoo.com. Buying a bid package does not mean you are are an automatic winner, you utilise each bid to try to outbid any other interested bidders!


    too many references to BidVoo.com ???

    This as per the page its being run by

    BidPax.com – Asia Pacific HQ

    9 Hoi Shing Road

    Tsuen Wan

    Hong Kong

  • Kiwifan October 9, 2009, 2:49 am

    BidVoo has now gone? http://www.BidPax.com is the new replacement?

  • Zoull October 10, 2009, 2:28 am

    i'm just wonder try too register that bidpax.com… but must do some google first before register it. if its spam.. just forget it.. go for amazon or ebay.. safe and establish.. 🙂

  • Lokamaya October 21, 2009, 2:17 pm

    Interesting… I just visited bidpax.com and I smell this is fake site. So i googling and found this article.

  • Lokamaya October 22, 2009, 10:35 pm

    I found some auction sites using same method as bidpax.com. There are: lelanghot.com, jubelonline.com and lelang.kantongtebal.com. I never try or register to, but I never trust these kind of auction site.

    Note: lelang=auction, in Indonesian language.

  • Anand October 24, 2009, 8:53 am

    Another interesting thing i found on bidpax.com is after watching an item for more than 15 minutes i found that just 15 minutes to go for finishing that autcion the time get resetted to 00:30:00 even though no one bid on that one. This even happend to an article which were having 3 bids. So i smell something fake..We must discourage these sites..they are having a statement that ..Please don't bid at the closing seconds as your bid may not reach us in time due to internet congestion..Even though that is true, this gives them an additional opportunity to make an automated bid using their system.

    Next thing..consider the entire process is pure and no scam in it.. I have seen few cash prices..

    Indian Rs 12,000 given for Rs 1.5. Calculating the average bid user pay as Rs 40, the total money they got out of that auction would be Rs 600 much less than the actual one..even the user who won the money would have made 20 to 25 bids spending Rs 1000 etc..

    Where are their profits coming from??? How would they sustain if they get loss on every auction. How cash prices are given. Nowhere i see a FAQ on that.

    Again in their faq : Unlike conventional auctions, members pay each time a bid is placed. This means the final selling price can be up to 99% off the recommended retail price.

    What does this mean? Should we expect a VPP (Payment on delivery) ?

    We know all kinds of cheating that had happened before. I believe people who used this..got cheated should line up and save rest of the world if it is a scam..and if it not scam..let all make it big success for such a wonderful idea???

  • Mar October 28, 2009, 8:25 pm

    Kudos on the extensive research, and unlike 'NORMAL' businesses online, this smells of a fake. How do we know? Becuase it's a pain in the a** to try to contact or reach them, that's how we know.

    If we users are expected to be paying and not getting anything beneficial from the site then it's definitely a scam..

    Potato.. Potata..

  • real or fake May 26, 2010, 6:56 pm

    Is this a scam too ? http://www.icebidz.com/ . the content looks so alike from the pennybid you are mentioned above.

    • auctionwatcher May 27, 2010, 6:32 am

      Yes real or fake they do look the same we think they're the same owners. see this post on icebidz.com


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