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Everyone Loves a BARGAIN!

Even as I type the title to this blog entry I find myself unconsciously capitalizing the word BARGAIN (there I go again, seriously, without even thinking about it – wow!)  There is something wonderful about a bargain – ahh, at last I manage to type it in lower case.  Inherently, the word ‘bargain’ means that you’ve got something worth more than you paid for it, and that makes it an obvious candidate for the ‘ol feel good factor. Is that it though?  Is it purely the financial benefit derived from a bargain that brings satisfaction? I don’t think so, not for a second.  I think there’s a lot more to it than simply the financial saving you’ve made.

To try and demonstrate this as best I can, consider this.  When you come to re-insure your house, you might scour the internet for the best deal, right down to the last few dollars.  Why?  Because money has a certain value to you.  Or does it? [insert dramatic pause here without sounds of dah, dah, daaaaaaah]

Take a second case.  When you buy a house you might haggle in lumps of $500-$1000 – they’re pretty large sums!  You don’t haggle to the last dollar (though that might be fun).  Given your internet scouring earlier, that doesn’t seem right.  Surely if a dollar had a certain set value to you, you’d pursue that saving regardless of what percentage of the deal it made up?  A dollar should always be worth a dollar to you?  But you don’t.  This makes me feel that money, to an extent, has a somewhat flexible personal value.

Back to the penny auctions.  A lot of penny auctions have relatively low value vouchers on offer…like $25 or so.  Winning one of these for a price of $15 dollars or so is a significant percentage saving but not a massive saving in the grand scheme of life BUT there is no doubt that winning one of these vouchers for $15 IS really really good fun!  Why?  Well, here’s how I see it.  If everything was a ‘bargain’, nothing would be a bargain right?  It’d just be the ‘normal’ price.  So a bargain implies limited supply and that suggests there’s a sense of competition involved.  I think that getting a bargain is partly about ‘winning’.  You ‘win’ your bargain.  That’s the only way to logically account for the fact that you got it for less than it was worth…and it feels good.  I think it’s this that makes penny auctions, reverse auctions and other fee based auctions that deliver bargains such fun to play.  They are the ultimate combination of competition and bargain, and that really does, so long as you spend within your comfortable limits, make them the most exciting way of bargain hunting ever invented!

This can of course be summed up in one sentence….Everyone loves a bargain!

Right, I’m off to Starbucks now to haggle over that choc chip muffin. 😀

Happy bidding my bidding buddies!- David

Did you decide to beat the crowds this year and stay inside to bid on penny auctions? If so, here are a few sites that are running specials:

Zoozle: Friday’s auction line up has 5 netbooks and laptops! Saturday’s schedule is exciting for all video game lovers– every game console available is up for auction!

Dime-Divas: Weekend specials include (1) more auctions each day; (2) 1 Glam Buck for every DivaDime purchased; and (3) free gift wrap.  They have the Marc Jacobs bag ending at 7 PM EST tonight.  Retail price $1200.

Biddor: Today only there will be at least one brand new auction every hour between 7AM and 5PM (EST Time). Get 25% more free bids when you purchase a bid pack. There’s also double free bids. There is a link at the top and bottom of every page (as well as under the auction prices) to get you to a page to earn free bids. You can click here to visit. Any bids earned from these offers will be doubled at no extra charge.

Bidblink: Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale  where bidders will get 10% off their next bid pack purchase when using a promo code we posted.  This means if someone buys the 5000 bid pack, they will get an extra 500 bids ($65 value).   With our buy now feature, this means bidders can actually lose and win.  For example, if someone puts 500 bids into a $50 gift card and loses the auction, they actually only paid $45 for that gift card (500 bids x $0.09 bids).  So, effectively by losing they win. The promo code will only be active from now until this coming Monday and can be found here:

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