New UK Penny Auction BidFella Auctions Trip to Dubai

Recently launched UK penny auction is currently auctioning off a trip to Dubai valued at £12500.00 ($19,961.60.) You may be surprised to learn that so far 11,742 bids have been placed on this dream vacation, featuring 7 nights at the Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai. auction just last month.’s owners have told us that they have been heavily advertising their Dream Holiday to Dubai in various publications  in the United Kingdom:

Here are scanned copies of their print ads:

Alexa Rank as of 1/6/ 2009: 1,906,728,

78,493 in the UK, with 1 site linking in

Bid cost: Bids start at £1 each and go as low as  £0.50 when purchasing 250 bids.

Fixed price of £49.99.

Bid intervals: 120 Seconds

Each Bid raises the auction price by £0.01

More details:

“ have brought together a fantastic package where not only will you fly on one of the world’s best airlines but you will relax in the unashamed luxury of Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa (our favourite hotel in Dubai).  The Emirates experience begins with a chauffeur driven car whisking you from your home to the airport*.  Onboard, you will experience the best food and finest wines and champagnes, all complimentary of course.  The Airbus A380 is the epitome of luxury travel and even has luxury bathrooms with showers onboard. And of course a separate lounge where you can sit and chill with a ‘before dinner’ cocktail. “

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Read our recent interview with’s owners:

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

As successful entrepreneurs in our respective core businesses, we wanted to become involved in the ever expanding online sector and saw penny auctions as a relatively new, dynamic and vibrant area.

We felt that whilst there are some excellent existing penny auction websites out there ,we could offer a novel take on the concept and fill an evident gap in the market.  That is why we have decided to offer ‘star auctions’ of luxury/dream holidays.  Our first such item, a fantastic ‘once in a lifetime’ holiday to Dubai including two First Class suites on Emirates Airlines new A380 service including 7 nights in a 5* Deluxe beachfront hotel and £2000 spending money has already attracted an inordinate amount of interest.  We knew that as a launch product, we needed to advertise extensively and have done so both on and offline and will be publicising the winners details both in the national press and on our website.

Penny Auction Watch: How long have you been open?

We have been open just over a month but again we advertised heavily prior to launch in order to attract people to pre-register.  We undertook extensive research (both in-house and by using outside professional services) into what was required to make it a viable working model and ensure we were busy from the outset.

Penny Auction Watch: What kind of items do you offer/ have lined up?  Do your auctions run on a schedule?

We do our best to cater for all tastes with big name items such as laptops, cameras and TV’s complimented by cash auctions and vouchers.  We also have a Ladies page which we need to expand considerably but it is still early days and we will shortly be featuring some eye catching new additions in this category. We have some extremely exciting items lined up including luxury holidays to the Maldives and South Africa including Business Class travel and again spending money.  As we expand, we intend to offer certain hard to get items including best seats at top concerts and the opportunity to attend certain events which are not normally open to the general public.  Our auctions run between 08:00 and 12:00 midnight but during our special promotions, we sometimes extend our closing time until 02:00.

Penny Auction Watch: What are the timer increments between bids/does this vary by auction?

The timers on all auctions start at 2 minutes and reduce dependent on the number of bids placed to 1 minute, 30 seconds and then 20 seconds.  It is quite common during quieter periods for some auctions to close before reaching 20 seconds.

Penny Auction Watch: How much are your bids?

Our bids vary in price between 50p and £1 depending on the bid package purchased.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your shipping costs? How long does it usually take for users to receive their items?

Currently we are offering free delivery on all items but whilst we will try as far as possible to keep this in place, we may consider charging delivery on larger items at a later stage.  We normally ship by Special Delivery within 24 hours of an auction closing and in any event guarantee all items will be received within 21 days.

Penny Auction Watch: What states/countries are you open to?

This is a good question.  We are currently very much UK based and certainly at this stage have no intention of entering the US or other markets.  However, on saying that, we are seriously considering opening up our holidays to the US market should we find that there is enough interest.  We would be very interested in any comments on whether this would be of interest to users of your website.  In the interests of fairness, should we adopt this policy, it would have to be on the basis that any non UK resident would have to fund their flights to the UK departure airport.

Penny Auction Watch: What is your policy for bid refunds?

We will naturally refund any bids placed should a user for any reason not wish to purchase an item they have won or reject it for any reason whatsoever.  We will also refund all placed bids in the unlikely event that there is technical error with our system such as server outage. We believe this to be a very fair policy.

Penny Auction Watch: Do you have any win limits, limits /household?

We currently have a limit of 3 wins per user/month but will be updating this so that a greater number of smaller items can be won by an individual user.  We want to make it as fair as possible for people and of course by limiting the number of larger items any user can win gives all participants an equal chance of winning individual auctions.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a story behind the name/theme?

We spent a lot of time trying to come up with a catchy name and when we had just about given up, one of us (and we can’t agree on who it was) suggested ‘Bidfella’.  We all liked the sound of it and having checked its availability, the rest is history.

We will shortly have a charity page giving details of our chosen charity, this being the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line.  We will be donating 5% of bid packages purchased to this charity (compared to 1% offered by most of our competitors) and in the New Year will be running a monthly ‘charity auction’ whereby all proceeds of that particular auction will be donated to the charity in question.  This is in addition to direct donations we make and on a personal note, we have signed up to act as a host family for when the children come to the UK for a month during the summer and at Christmas.  This is very much a charity we believe in and actively support and we felt that we wanted to offer something more tangible rather than just making donations.

We host our website on a dedicated server to ensure that it loads extremely fast and will continue to function efficiently as our number of users grows.  This we believe adds to our users overall experience and we will shortly be adding a backup server to ensure that we do not experience any downtime.

We are in the process of putting up certain winners details to include where possible photos and quotes from correspondence they have sent us. This will appear on our main banner on the homepage. We are sure you will appreciate that we are governed by the Data Protection Act, with whom we are registered, in the UK so can only do this with the express permission of individual users.  On saying that, quite a few users have already agreed to our displaying their details and items they have won.  We have actually offered free bids in our newsletters for people willing to allow us to do this.

We have also purchased our own premises which we are planning to convert into a ‘display shop’ for promotional purposes and for people to visit us should they so desire. We believe it to be of paramount importance when running a penny auction website to be both transparent and approachable and we are looking every day at new ways in which we can achieve this goal.  We will shortly be launching a freephone number whereby people can contact us directly in addition to our email and ‘snail mail’ addresses.  We also feature an ‘About us’ page on our website so people can at least see who is behind Bidfella.

What do you think of Please tell us!

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  • kremai April 8, 2010, 10:20 am

    Bidfella is a scam, the site is full of shill bots, AVOID


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