Updates and Promos At Wavee

Risk-free* penny auction Wavee.com has a new features and promotions that you may be interested in:

1.       Win Limits Eliminated – Wavee has removed the 28 day auction limit restriction. Wavee members are able to participate in any auction, regardless of how many auctions they have won in the past.

2.       SMS Verification – All new Wavee users must input a cell phone number upon registration. They will receive a text message containing an account verification code. Once this code is entered during the registration process, they will receive 5 free credits. This is to keep Wavee a fair place to bid by preventing people from forming multiple accounts.

3.       Connection Meter – This feature allows users to monitor their internet connection during auctions.

4.       Auction timer freeze – Whenever internet connection is lost, the auction timer will freeze on the user’s computer. Although the auction will continue, users know to fix their in order to continue bidding.

Features coming soon:

1.       Beginner/New user auctions –Wavee will provide users with “play” credits that can be used in beginner auctions. This feature allows Wavee members to experiment and figure out a winning strategy without spending paid credits.

2.       Multi-product auctions – Multiple products available to win within a specific auction.

Wavee is running a few promotions:

One time promo code, Wavee10 will give customers 10 free credits with the purchase of  credits.

Facebook Winner Status Update Promotion

Wavee has extended their deadline for their Winner Status Update promotion. Anytime you win an auction on Wavee, when you tell your friends about Wavee.com, by updating your Facebook status you can earn 10 free credits. The Facebook promotion runs until January 31st, 2010.

In addition to Wavee’s Winner Status Update promotion, when you become a fan of Wavee on Facebook (Become a fan of Penny Auction Watch while you’re at it 😉 ), you will receive 5 free credits. Wavee is requesting that fans e-mail them at info[at]wavee[dot]com and the free credits should be awarded within 48 hours.

Wavee.com is Looking for Brand Ambassadors:  If you are a self-motivated & creative college student, and want to earn some extra cash, Wavee has an opportunity you might be interested in. You will be  given a unique promotional code to pass along to your friends, family and social networks. Wavee will pay you a minimum of $5 for ever person that uses your promotional code to purchase a Wavee credit bundle (wow!).

If interested, e-mail toyin[at]wavee[dot]com with the following information:

  1. Your resume
  2. College or University
  3. A paragraph explaining why you would like to be a Wavee.com Ambassador, Wavee also wants to hear how you plan to distribute your promotional codes.

Wavee.com is a sponsor of the PAW forum, check it out to learn more about Wavee and all other penny auctions!

*Wavee is risk free in that they allow users a choice to bid-to-buy items.

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  • gabyabby January 8, 2010, 10:45 pm

    I think the cell phone requirement is totally unfair because some of us born before 1980 don’t have text


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