Turn Penny Auction Gift Card Wins Into Cash

Perhaps you have a few gift cards that you’ve won from penny auction sites that you’d rather exchange for cash or into a gift card to another retailer, if this sounds like you you might be interested in checking out the gift card marketplace, PlasticJungle.com.
Plastic Jungle  buys and resells gift cards, even if a gift card has already been partially used they will pay up to 92% of the verified card balance and will pay even more if users exchange a gift card for an Amazon.com gift card. For instance, if you sell a $50 gift card to Macy’s to Plastic Jungle they’ll exchange it for a $42 gift card to Amazon e-mailed to you within 2 business days after they have received and verified the card, as an electronic gift-card claim code.  They tell us that all transactions are guaranteed and shipping is always free for both buyers and sellers.
Plastic Jungle currently offers discounts on gift cards to hundreds of retailers, here are a few examples:

  • Some of the best deals include an Express gift card with a $228.33 value can be purchased at 18% off, $40 will currently get you $50 to spend at Foot Locker, and 25% off a purchase from 1-800-Flowers
  • Other gift cards include Borders, AMC Theaters Aldo Shoes, Buckle, Lane Bryant, Pottery Barn Kids, LL Bean, Walmart, Bon-Ton Department Store, The Coffee Bean Leaf & Tea, Macys and more.

If you like giveaways you might also want to check out Plastic Jungle’s blog, each Friday, where they tell about online contests they find that are giving away gift cards.

Good news for those of us with gift cards laying around, we also just learned from their blog that new federal legislation was passed concerning gift cards, “The new regulations limit non-use fees, allowing them only if the card has been inactive for a year or more, and also ensure that a gift card may not expire prior to 5 years after it was sold.”

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