Who Else Wants to Bid for Free and Really Win Items?

Ever feel like you’re playing one of those claw prize machines when you test a penny auction site for free? 

Penny Auction Watch members have had the opportunity to bid on penny auctions for free before, on both our free practice penny auction site Shillo.com and then on a few penny auction sites requesting beta testers, but it’s not often that a beta test will yield real items.

They should. Your time is valuable.

What if I told you that there will soon be a beta test event for a brand new penny auction site that will include not only an opportunity to bid for free, but the chance to win real items?

The Who

This is where GoBidderGo.com comes in.

GoBidderGo.com is a brand new penny auction site, so new that they haven’t even launched yet, so they would like your help. Unlike some of the other sites that have held beta tests, this new site is going to reward bidders with real items to bid on and win.

They tell us there won’t be any funny business on their site like bots or shills.

The When

The beta test well take place both tomorrow, Thursday, September 1st, 2011 and Saturday the 3rd.

The Where

To sign up for the beta test go to their site, http://www.gobiddergo.com. Right now you can sign up for a reminder e-mail.

Free bids will be offered for the testing period and any items won will be at no charge and shipped for free.  There will also be additional free bids given out for when GoBidderGo officially launches.

The What

GoBidderGo.com plans to offer the following items as beta test prizes:

  • Several $10-25 gift cards
  • Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle
  • 14 karat white gold, blue topaz earrings
  • Wireless headphones
They’re also offering a Beta Feedback contest: Winner for the Most Constructive Feedback = $50 Best Buy Gift Card.
All feedback surveys returned will be placed into a random drawing a $25 Best Buy Gift Card (excluding the winner for most feedback).
If you’re around, and decide to participate in testing their penny auction site, come on over and discuss your experiences testing. Report glitches and provide feedback in the beta test section of the Penny Auction Watch Forum.
Photo Credits: Attribution Some rights reserved by Lel4nd

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  • Mario September 23, 2011, 3:08 pm

    Just like GoBidderGo.com there are several other similar sites? How to distinguish the good and the bad ones??

    This is another one I´ve seen lately I find real interesting:



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