Penny Auction Zeekler Auctioning a New Ford Mustang

Penny auction for a brand new carHow would you like to win a brand new car for less than the lot price? What about if you won it for just a few dollars? There is a possibility of winning a new car for just a few dollars on a penny auction site, but penny auctions are not without precautions and it may just be luck if you do end up winning.

 Someone just may win a Ford Mustang or significantly less than the MSRP in a penny auction for the new convertible that is actively ending right now on the penny auction site

In case you’re a beginner to penny auctions and wondering how to bid on penny auctions, as with all penny auction (unless they offer buy-it-now) only one user will walk away the winner of the Mustang, all others who place bids will lose their money. So, if you are going to bid on any auction keep this in mind and only spend what you can afford to lose and have fun! Don’t get carried away and spend too much money that you get penny auction burnout.

Zeekler is a penny auction site that has been around for awhile now. They have grown in popularity due greatly in part to their multi-level/affiliate marketing model where users have their own unique links to their auction and generate free bids. A lot of Zeekler marketers have come on our forum and posted their referral links promising hundreds of free bids, I’d say to keep in mind that due to this there could be a higher level of competition from users with free bids, but this penny auction in particular on Zeekler is a “VIP auction” which means it’s reserved for bidders who purchase VIP bids. VIP bids cost $1 each and can be purchased in packs of 25-500.

So far the penny auction for a new Mustang is at $1639.92 and each bid increases the auction price by $0.01. The final price is the price the winner pays in addition to the bids they spent to try to win.

Zeekler is based in NC and owned by Rex Venture Group LLC. This penny auction site’s CEO is Paul Burks.

Some penny auction bidders have posted in our forum about their experiences with Zeekler, a few have posted that they were still waiting for items won and when asked about them their e-mails have gone ignored.

I tried to contact their customer support personally a few weeks ago and again recently and received a server error.

zeekler penny auction

In September of 2011 Zeekler acquired the penny auction site that was in the process of undergoing an investigation by the State of Georgia, for failure to ship items and other allegations.

Have you bid on What have your personal experiences been with bidding on this and all other penny auction sites? We’d love to hear about it! Come on over and discuss penny auctions in our forum.


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  • Albert Alejandro February 4, 2012, 7:27 am

    I won a pair of Motorola Bluetooth headphones months ago and opted to be paid cash which was supposed to be deposited into my paypal account in the amount of $34.89. After emailing customer support they told me it would take 7-15 to process I have yet to receive the money. Several emails later and no replies.

    I have read on the forums of several people not receiving their items. I seriously doubt they will ship an entire automobile to a winner.

    I think this site is a scam.


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