3 New Penny Auctions to Launch Soon Currently Taking Pre-Registrations

We’ve excited to announce that there will be three new penny auction sites opening in the very near future. The new penny auctions are GrabLo.com, BidPit.com and BidGal.com. Both BidPit and BidGal appear to be run by the same company, perhaps they have plans to launch two separate penny auction concepts! We’re excited to see these new sites launch.

All three penny auctions are accepting e-mail addresses on their launch pages and will alert users of when they will open:

GrabLo.com shares the following coupon code, Grab10 for 10 free bids when they launch.


BidPit’s landing page reads, “If you like Groupon, eBay, Great Deals, then you’ll Love BidPit” We sure hope so!


BidPit’s landing page features a lot of high-end items, not sure this means they will indeed offer them but a Gucci, Rolex, ATV, designer chair sure would be nice to win for just a few bids (if you can, that is). BidPit told us that they will offer never-before-seen features on their penny auction site.

Ladies, it looks like BidGal may just be a penny auction site just for you, think designer goods, handbags, accessories!


Once GrabLo, BidPit and BidGal launch we will be sure to let you know, we just hope you’ll tell us about your experiences bidding on these and all other penny auction sites by joining and posting to our penny auction community.

If these penny auctions prove to be legit and you’re one of the first bidders you may just get some great deals when they first launch (minimal competition).

Good luck penny auction bidders!

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