3 New Penny Auctions to Launch Soon Currently Taking Pre-Registrations

We’ve excited to announce that there will be three new penny auction sites opening in the very near future. The new penny auctions are GrabLo.com, BidPit.com and BidGal.com. Both BidPit and BidGal appear to be run by the same company, perhaps they have plans to launch two separate penny auction concepts! We’re excited to see these new sites launch.

All three penny auctions are accepting e-mail addresses on their launch pages and will alert users of when they will open:

GrabLo.com shares the following coupon code, Grab10 for 10 free bids when they launch.


BidPit’s landing page reads, “If you like Groupon, eBay, Great Deals, then you’ll Love BidPit” We sure hope so!


BidPit’s landing page features a lot of high-end items, not sure this means they will indeed offer them but a Gucci, Rolex, ATV, designer chair sure would be nice to win for just a few bids (if you can, that is). BidPit told us that they will offer never-before-seen features on their penny auction site.

Ladies, it looks like BidGal may just be a penny auction site just for you, think designer goods, handbags, accessories!


Once GrabLo, BidPit and BidGal launch we will be sure to let you know, we just hope you’ll tell us about your experiences bidding on these and all other penny auction sites by joining and posting to our penny auction community.

If these penny auctions prove to be legit and you’re one of the first bidders you may just get some great deals when they first launch (minimal competition).

Good luck penny auction bidders!

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  • Rock Dell May 22, 2014, 6:37 am

    While these sites may be good, if you’re looking for the best new penny auction site in the world launching soon, you have to see this new penny auction site: Crush The Bid (www.crushthebid.com)

    Why Crush The Bid Penny Auctions?

    At Crush The Bid, You’d be playing in a “real” penny auction site that was designed to be fairer, more exciting and more consumer-centric.

    Actual Penny Bids: Each bid is only $.01 (1 penny) so when you bid a penny it’s really a penny. A penny is a penny is a penny.

    Max Players / All Locked Auctions: Each auction has a maximum number of players that can play so You know “before” the auction starts how many players You are up against.

    Player Identifier: You see every player’s location and unique screen name so You know who You’re playing against.

    Flash Auctions: Auctions are short so You won’t experience long bouts of bid fatigue and You’ll be able to focus more on strategy rather than trying to stay awake or walking away from an auction in the middle and missing You’re buy opportunity;

    Cash Redemption: You can immediately redeem You’re Won Auction Items for cash right back into You’re account so You can get back into playing, not waiting.

    Loser Refunds: Although the Seat Bids (the entrance fee) are non-refundable, after every auction, if You did not win, You’ll see a refund of the Auction Bids that You played during the auction.

    Crush Referral System: Get paid on 3 level deep referrals. You can actually build a business out of penny auction referrals.

    No Bots: They does not employ, use or allow any automated or robotic bidding.

    No Reserve Pricing: Auctions start at $0.00 and wherever an auction ends is where it ends. Even if it’s only $.01 (1 penny);

    No Snipers: Auctions are “locked” from the start. No-one can enter after the auction begins.

    No Shills: They don’t not employ any person or mechanism to bid against players. Every player in an auction is an independent participant;

    No Manipulation: Since there are no bots, no reserve pricing, no snipers and no shills, there isn’t any pre-conceived, planned or controlled manipulation;

    No Bid Fatigue: Auctions last only 5 minutes, so You’re not sitting there hour-after-hour staring at an auction that doesn’t end for you until You’ve run out of money or are completely exhausted.


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