ThePennyBuster: New Penny Auction Offering Gift Cards, Jewelry and More is a new penny auction site that just launched serving consumers in the US and Canada. Have you had a chance to bid there yet? We want to hear about your experiences!

Interested in learning whether or not this or any other penny auction site may be legit? Click the following link to join us in our penny auction forum We’d like to invite you to post your questions, comments, or anything else penny auction related!

Items on this penny auction site range from bid packs to gift cards to popular merchants. Items offered on this new penny auction include electronics, iTunes, Subway, Starbucks, Red Robin, and various other restaurant gift cards, jewelry, Juicy Couture handbags, and fragrances.

What do bids cost on ThePennyBuster?

Bids range in price from $18.75 for a package of 25 bids to $700 for 1,000 bids. That comes out to $0.75-$0.70 a piece. As in all traditional penny auctions, each bid placed on ThePennyBuster provides bidders with a chance of winning an item, and time is added to the auction countdown clock. The winner of an auction is the user who placed the last unopposed bid when the timer counts down to 0 seconds/ended.

Since this penny auction site is new we do not yet know whether or not bidders have received their winning items, so if you’ve tried this site out definitely tell us about your experiences bidding!

ThePennyBuster is running a promotion right now, coupon code FirstTime will get users 10% off bid pack purchases.

Good luck & have a wonderful weekend!

Don’t forget to join our forum, registration is FREE! 😉

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  • OWNEROFLizardBids December 3, 2012, 7:42 am

    So… ThePennyBuster is running on my web domain. How?!?! And WHY!?!? I got a renewal email from godaddy and clicked on it, and ThePennyBuster Shows up??? SCAM Much???? I own it. You make money, I get paid. Or GTFO.


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