Beezid’s Magnificent Seven 7-Day Fall Sale is On Now

beezid.comWe’re on day two of Beezid’s Magnificent Seven 7-day fall sale with special promotions and items each day. Today is Beezid’s Shopping Spree Bonanza and they’re offering tons of shopping spree penny auctions (in the form of gift cards:  $100, $200, $500+) to a number of merchants including Ikea, Target, Old Navy, Lowe’s, Home Depot, NFL, AMC, Outback, Shell Gasoline, Starbuck’s, Macy’s and more.

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Here are more details on this fun promotion that Beezid is offering this week.

Shopping Spree Bonanza!

Score A Shopping Spree And Burn Up The Aisles

Thursday 09/20/12 – 6pm to 11:59pm EDT

We’re bringing shopping sprees back with an Old West vengeance! September 20th from 6 PM to midnight’ll be a shopping spree bonanza, where thousands will be up for grabs to spend on anything that tickles your fancy!

Apple Items Only!

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Sunday 09/23/12 – 12pm to 5:59pm EDT

Rustle up all those must-haves from the company that brought you the iPad, the iPhone, and the Macbook Pro! From 12PM to 5:59PM, we’re turning all our Apple products loose for six hours of nothing but Apple auctions. Get yours!

Free Shipping – Plus, Plus!

Beezid Pays The Shipping!

Wednesday 09/26/12 – 6pm to 11:59pm EDT

On Day Four, we’ll load your winnings up on the wagon and ship them out to you free of charge! Get ready to strike gold with more fun, more excitement, and more surprises for everybody!

99% Off Guaranteed!

With All Auction Prices That Freeze at 1% MSRP

Saturday 09/29/12 – 12pm to 11:59pm EDT

You don’t have to live like a desperado when you’ve got a 1% price freeze absolutely guaranteeing savings of 99% off retail on all closing auction prices for 12 whole hours!

Tech Items Only!

Geek Out On A Selection Of Tech Auctions

Thursday 10/04/12 – 6pm to 11:59pm EDT

It’s time to cowboy up and go for that upgrade, because Tech Day makes it a breeze! We’re servin’ up six straight hours of auctions featuring nothing but our most popular tech products—tablets, Blu-ray players, GPS navigators, and more!

Price Freeze & ALL Bids Back!

Yee-Haw! Non-Stop, Risk Free, Crazy Action!

Saturday 10/06/12 – 12pm to 11:59pm EDT

We wrap it all up with our signature promotion…a 20% price freeze with risk-free bidding! On October 6 from noon to midnight, enjoy guaranteed savings of 80-99% off, while getting every bid you place backat the end of the auction, no matter who wins!”


Many Penny Auction Watch members (Join now, membership is free!) have won items on Beezid. Are you one of them? Tell us about your experiences! Read about the experience of one of our members and tips he has for winning on Beezid here: From A to BeeZid: A Beginner’s Guide to Winning Penny Auctions. 


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