What If the “Most Honest Penny Auction Site” Was a Big Scam?

yawn… Whenever a new penny auction site claims to be “The most honest, professional penny auction sites on the internet today!”   I just want to wonder what they’re trying to prove or, why they even bother? Ay. Nice English grammar there too.

Maybe I’m just so into it that I’m so over it when it comes to penny auctions… Seriously, like really?

Bot scripts exist, they run rampant. Check out our Penny Auction Hall of Shame to see what I’m talking about. There’s a ton of stuff in there…

Penny auctions still draw in consumers.

Many still either unsuspecting, while the others just already aware of how easily they scam.

So why boast to be the most honest? Isn’t it better to be to actually let consumers try it for themselves and then be the one to post the good reviews? Of course I’d say so.

I spoke with a penny auction site owner once, who really did some shady things with a penny auction site, he told me that it was naive to believe that there was ONE penny auction site on the Internet today that didn’t run bots, or shills. Wrong. Or maybe the ones that didn’t, the ones that seemed honest. The ones I liked.

Are those days in the past?

Will there actually be new,  legit, honest, venture-backed sites to come on the market, or not? Is it over? The trend has definitely faded. The big sites that are left are Beezid, DealDash and QuiBids. Do you bid there, do you win? We want to know about your experiences, if you do.

Like  purse sites LabelDoll, or the broadest consumer site backed with millions in funding BigDeal, or the travel site OffandAway – sold to the large consumer site Lockerz who offered auctions for a short time then must have scrapped the idea. All of which were totally legit and totally transparent, at least I won a few items on all of them.

Just come on, tell me, who are you trying to fool with your eye-in-the-sky ideals of making money off of scamming users? I mean, yeah, there are tons of scammers online ripping people off in a variety of markets – many in the Internet marketing space.  Just be real.

If you’re running BOTS on your penny auciton site just get real and move on.

You’re stupid and we don’t ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’, not anymore.

Look at this new one, PennyJackpots.com…… 

Today they’ve got a few of items up for bid a Coach handbag, Beats headphones, Samsung camcorder, Samsung Chromebook, other cheaper items, and they claim to be the most honest. Let’s hope they are?

Two of our members posted their opinions of the site based on their observations:

“Posted 21 October 2013 – 06:38 PM

Mike, on 20 Oct 2013 – 10:39 PM, said:

Watched this site last night after I saw it here on PAW, looked at their ended auction and 95% of them sold at 1 or 2 cents.  So I watched 4 or 5 auctions and they all sold between 1 maybe 3 cents.  Someone would tag the auction and then with 2 seconds left on the timer a auto-bidder would come in and auction sold.  I saw that on just about every auction I looked at, nothing more then 2 or 3 cents.  So, I joined got my free bids and watched some more, same thing happened.  Now, I was ready to win right? another auction came on I placed the 2nd bid on auto-bidder, and then here came another auto-bidder, needless to say my 5 free bids were gone, after that auction the other 3 auctions I watched were sold for 2 cents.


When I first looked at the site I figured it was a scam site and it is in my opinon, there are hundreds of ended auctions with not one “Big Name Bidder” they do have some really nice items on auction, but, this place is full of bots, take a look, see what I mean.

I would concur with your assumptions.  I too watched many auctions, and waited for them to end.   Seems like there were soooo many winners thousands of unique bidders, no real taggers, and analysis of the site shows that there are only 18 likes on Facebook, No real advertising via the web shown via spyfu, or ispionage.  Soo many high dollar items, and soo many times that the same winner didn’t win multiple auctions only points to one conclusion that you came to,  Most bidders with any experience will come to the same conclusion within minutes of watching the site.”-http://www.pennyauctionwatch.com/forum/index.php/topic/39551-pennyjackpotscom-new-auction-site/

Let’s leave it to bidders to tell us their experiences with PennyJackpots and all penny auction sites…



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  • PA User October 27, 2013, 5:51 pm

    It all starts with honest penny auction software. If software didn’t enable these site with “admin users” then maybe there would be some more legit sites in the business. I’ve been told that you won’t make it selling bot-free scripts though. There have been many sites in the past that started with ‘honest’ intentions, but when you business plan is a failure to combat powerbidders and fail to advertise, you find your site suddenly underwater. At this point you rethink to get your money back by being dis-honest. There are plenty of bidders who will take advantage of a good business plan, but if you have a bad plan, you are doomed. Bidders who “respoect” each other and collude on social media by giving up tags to other ‘respected’ bidders. Corruption is a two-way street.


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