Zidders – New Bidding Site Offering Free Shipping, $0.99 Auctions

Zidders-Penny-Bidding-AuctionsHave you tried bidding on Zidders.com?

Zidders is a penny auction site stated to be located in  New York that started offering auctions in late 2014.

Zidders is unlike other bidding sites in that all auctions have a fixed price of $0.99. This means if you bid on Zidders you will not have to pay a high end price, just $0.99 in addition to the cost of the bids you have purchased to win items.

Free Bids:

Zidders offers 10 free bids upon signup and 10 more bids after you complete your profile on the site. A great way to try bidding on a penny auction is with free bids, so I’d say give it a shot and let us know what your experiences are with this one.

Auctions right now are for lower-priced items (no big electronics or anything that appears to be valued at over $50) but I’d say if you are new to penny auctions and want to try a site that may have less competition than the big sites like Beezid, WellBid, QuiBids, MadBid and DealDash, you may want to give it a shot. If you do,  please let us know what you think of the site and a review of your experience.

This bidding site guarantees that all of their items are brand new and are shipped free of charge.

Bids cost $0.60 on Zidders and can be purchased with Visa/MasterCard, Amex or PayPal.

They also have a great, informative video that explains the bidding process and introduces you to their site: 


A few features that Zidders.com offers:


    Zidders.com offers Smartbid™ – the option to preset a specified number of bids on an item. Our system automatically bids for you each time another bidder is ahead of you. Simply sit back, relax, enjoy the bidding action, and even bid on other items at the same time.


    Even if you don’t win an auction, you mustn’t lose the bids you placed. “Buy it Now” enables you to purchase an item at retail price, and have your bids credited back to your account. Now you never have to walk away empty-handed!


    To make winning easier for you, we ‘close’ bidding after a certain amount of bids are placed. Fenced Off™ auctions allow no new bidders to enter, affording participating bidders a better shot at winning the items they want.

Do you bid and win on Zidders? Have you tried bidding on this penny auction site? Share your experience with us in the comments below and join our forum to discuss bidding sites!


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